Kevin Muggleton Makes a Remarkable Comeback and Will Compete in Dakar 2014

It’s official, Team Redverz is all in for Dakar 2015.  Our amazing crew is on board, training is in full, sweaty swing and the rally bike is on it's way to the Dakar start.  An enormous thank you goes out to each and every person who took the time to call, post or email Kevin in support of Dakar 2013, his remarkable recovery and comeback.  If you were with us for the ride of a lifetime last year, glad to have you back and here we go again - stronger, wiser and ready to ride.   If you are new to Team Redverz and The Dakar welcome, read on, marvel at the magnitude of this incredible race and please consider supporting Kevin in his journey to Rosario, Argentina and the official Dakar 2014 start line.

The Dakar, an incomparable human adventure whose history has been built in the finest deserts of the planet, is amongst the major sporting challenges of our era. Both a race and a test of navigational skills, it involves not only the leading riders and drivers of the rally raid discipline, but also amateur competitors, who often take part to make their dream come true or to rise to a challenge, behind the handlebars or steering wheel of their bike, quad, car or truck. Fifty nationalities come together each year for this mixture of competition and solidarity whose television coverage is seen by a billion viewers in 190 countries.

More than just a simple race to see who is quickest, the Dakar demands off-piste navigational capacities and consistency. More significantly, on rally raids, endurance is paramount, with the slightest flaw proving critical. This mix of physical resistance and technical performance has, for almost the last thirty years, attracted champions from various horizons, all wishing to test their mettle and try and tame this out-of-the ordinary event.” 

Redverz Dakar